1) Do I have to transport bought or sold artworks on my own?

No. Steiner & Zingg organizes all transport modalities.

2) Is art trading via internet considered to be safe?

Yes. Steiner & Zingg guarantees the authenticity of all artworks and focuses on professionality in each area.

3) What costs incur for me as a seller?

Informations for Sellers

4) What costs incur for me as a buyer?

Informations for Buyers

5) What happens to artworks which have not been sold at one of our auctions?

Unsold objects are returned to the owner by Steiner & Zingg Onlinekunstauktionen

6) How can I bid on a piece of art?

First sign up under “Account”. You’ll get a Mail with a confirmation Link. Click on that Link to complete the registration process. After that you’re able to place your bids on our site.

7) What Username should I choose?

If you don’t want your real name to be shown on each lot you are bidding on, choose a fictional one

8) How do I know if I’m the highest bidder?

You’ll get a mail after placing a bid, if you’re currently the highest bidder.

9) What happens if I am outbid?

If another user places a higher bid than your current one, you’ll get a mail which informs you about the higher bid.

10) Is it possible to place a maximum bid?

No. Currently every bid placed on a lot, becomes the new maximum bid.

11) Is it possible to see the artwork?

Yes. We would be pleased to arrange an appointment for you to visit your desired pieces of art.

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