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"The only revolutionary power is art."
Joseph Beuys

In the year 2015 two young art enthusiasts Ilja Steiner (Gallery owner from Erlach,BE) and Simon Zingg (Business Information Scientist from Bern) used the force of art to start a revolution in the art market.

Due to the lack of digital connectivity and the atmosphere in conventional auction houses, going to an art
auction was something unreachable for most people.

So now, Art Auctions 2.0 is the keyword to the future of art.

Steiner & Zingg offers in addition to the service of conventional auction houses a platform to spread art and auctions to a broader, newer, more versatile clientele.

We cover the process from the admission of potential artworks, to the delivery, and then up to the whole billing process. For you as a user this means you can buy or sell art comfortably from your home. Steiner & Zingg therefore takes a leading role in the revolution of the Swiss art market.

We would like to create a brighter, more future oriented market, open to everyone interested in the wonderful world of art.

We hope that you join us on our revolutionary journey.

Ilja Steiner & Simon Zingg







Steiner & Zingg Artauctions GmbH
Galsstrasse 3
3235 Erlach


+41 79 568 59 48

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